Best Minecraft Seeds : Minecraft Seeds For 1.13 & 1.14

Minecraft is well-known for its procedural programming, which offers players a completely different and unique virtual environment every time they begin a new save.

Minecraft has transformed considerably since the previous big update and sometimes it would be nice to have some cool Minecraft seeds that will give you some form of control over the seemingly random adventures.

About Minecraft Seeds

A Minecraft seed is essentially a program developed randomly to represent a particular blocky environment that has been generated whenever you begin a new game.

Also, other players can use Minecraft seeds to play inside the same virtual world as you!

How to Use Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seeds are quite easy-to-use and the method is basically the same across every version of Minecraft.

When you are generating a new Minecraft environment, simply locate the menu section labeled “Create a New World”, or you might notice a blank text input box where you can paste your magical seed code number.

After locating this box, simply paste the exact seed code you wish to load into the game and that’s it! The only drawback here is that some Minecraft seeds won’t work for a few editions of the game.

In this post, we have made a curated selection of the Best Minecraft Seeds for the 1.14 version of the game.

They will make it a lot easier for you to start a new world, while also giving you a head start on generating the classic blocky environment for any creation that comes after.

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Top Minecraft 1.14 Seeds

1. Meteor Mystery (Java 1.14+)

This first entry on our list of best Minecraft seeds will spawn you right next to a small village full of inhabitants and resources you can do business with.

There’s also vast woodland as well as a water source.

But the most striking aspect of this virtual landscape is the mysterious crater that a giant meteor has left just outside the small village.

You should go and take a closer look.

This virtual environment has ranked among top Minecraft 1.14 seeds and it can serve as an excellent foundation for some hardcore adventures.

2. A Song of Ice & Spire (Bedrock/Pocket Edition)

Perhaps you see yourself as a lone wolf who can endure any climate; you’ll need special Minecraft seeds that can create a Bear Grylls-type environment.

This particular seed is perfect for you as it spawns you on what looks like a desolate frozen plain.

You could even encounter some friendly and attractive bunnies while on your way across the frozen biome. But the polar bears aren’t as nice, so you must be cautious!

3. Shipwreck Survival (Java 1.14+)

Have you ever wondered what being a shipwrecked castaway would feel like?

You can download one of the most brazen Minecraft seeds that will allow you to ship yourself in limbo where you have only those resources needed to stay alive.

This tiny yet dangerous virtual island is filled with perils for fearless explorers looking for their next thrill, or more imaginative players who are looking to construct their own super baddie stronghold in the middle of nowhere!

4. Bamboo Safari (Bedrock, Pocket Edition)

This is arguably the best Minecraft texture pack for wildlife seekers.

The Bamboo safari Minecraft seed will spawn you very close to a flourishing bamboo forest.

You can set out on an adventure into this untamed habitat in search of parrots, pandas, and other wild creatures.

However, you must ensure that you keep away from any deep caves that are sheltered by dense plant life.

5. Biome bundle (Java 1.14+)

The Biome Bundle is one of the best Minecraft seeds for generating open terrain environments.

Moreover, you can get 3 different biomes in one pack when you download and install this handy Minecraft seed.

It will spawn you into the center of the action between the battered wastelands, a giant swamp, and the coral reef.

This is the perfect seed pack you can use to search for particular Minecraft blocks, but it is quite different from your typical survival spawn.

This is one of those Minecraft ps4 seeds you can install to treat yourself to the splendor of extraordinary Minecraft biomes within a new virtual world

6. Emerald temple (Bedrock, Pocket Edition)

This desert/pyramid temple expansion pack is one of the finest Minecraft seeds available right now.

This straightforward Minecraft seed doesn’t know how to beat around the bush.

You will find yourself spawned midway through an actual desert, very close to an ancient sanctuary that is filled with plunder; from diamonds to golden apples, horse armor, and rotten bones.

This Minecraft seed pack is ideal for players looking to create their own architectural masterpieces.

7. Ravine Lodgings (Java 1.13+)

Introducing one of those Minecraft ps4 seeds that will spawn you right next to a small but well-stocked blacksmith town.

Within this small rural community, is hidden a library and lowly librarian performing his daily chores.

You could choose to deal him an eternal rest using your sword and them live by yourself in the terrifying emptiness or keep him around for company.

Moreover, this of one of those Minecraft best seeds that still has enough room for expansion and it won’t require you to pay admin fees.

8. Maniac mansion (Java 1.14+)

Let’s introduce you to Maniac mansion; one of the top Minecraft seeds players can use for generating fancy inhabitants and wealthy craftsmen in a 3D countryside.

You can create a respected household and host dinner parties while enjoying the beautiful landscape.

You can use this Minecraft seed to establish yourself as a lord over a multitude of loyal subjects and keep nearby villages safe from riff-raff without leaving your mansion which is concealed from view by thick plant life.

It is a refuge for Minecraft players who prefer not to struggle to survive.

9. Marooned mesa (Java 1.13+)

Are you on the lookout for one of the finest Minecraft seeds for PC in version 1.13 and above?

This brilliant Minecraft seed will spawn you right in the middle of a badland area. It’s the kind of virtual environment where you can allow your imagination to run riot.

You could also decide to merge all your creations into one mega-complex, and establish operations inside each one.

This is also one of those Minecraft 1.14 seeds with enough resources you can use to get started promptly, with lots of empty space to explore even though it feels unique and isolated.

This Minecraft seed pack is definitely worth checking out if you’ve become bored with the game’s standard color palette.

The Wrap-Up

That’s if for our latest selection of Minecraft best seeds for you to install.

Be sure to check back for updates on the next versions.