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Top 7 Best Android Music Player Apps [2019 Edition]

best android music player apps 2019

best android music player apps 2019

Music players are one of the peculiar features of Android smartphones as they tend to give the phone an extra feel.

Also, Android smartphones usually come with pre-installed music players, but people seemingly resort to using alternate music apps for audio playback, why? Well, this is because musical tech is fast evolving, and you most of us prefer to use a music player with a variety of playback options such as adjusting the equalizer, creating multiple playlists, and the likes.

Most default Android music players don’t seem to present you with satisfactory options; hence, we take the alternate route.

In this regard, we are going to be looking at 7 best Android music players that will certainly soothe your musical cravings.

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Our objective is to give you a better idea of what features to lookout for when selecting the best android music player for your mobile device.

So brace yourself, and let’s deep-dive into the topic of discuss.

7 Best Free Music Player for Android On 2019-20

  1. VLC

vlc for android

Most of us know VLC as a media player.

Media here also includes songs and videos, so it doesn’t hurt to have VLC ranking among the best android music players for this year.

While many people might not call VLC the best audio player for Android, you should note that it has a lot to offer when it comes to compatibility and performance.

VLC thrives on an intuitive feature that scans through your audio folder and places each audio file in its respective folder.

You also have widget-like features like the sleep timer, speed adjustment, equalizer, and a host of other exciting features.

VLC might not be the best free Android music player in the aspect of beautiful interface and all, but it certainly gets the job done.

  1. BlackPlayer Music Player

black player music player

The BlackPlayer app plays a huge role in enhancing your listening experience as it comes with a lot of customizable features.

Its topnotch user interface, which you can seamlessly control with swipes and gestures, makes it one of the best Android music players out there.

For a more personalized touch, you can also change the font and the UI color with custom values.

You can even view and edit embedded lyrics.

BlackPlayer’s equalizer stretches to about 5-bands with a booming bass-boost option.

The 3D-Surround virtualizer and amplifier also enhance your listening experience.

On the plus side, BlackPlayer is stuffed with a variety of widget options such as customizable themes, sleep timer, ID3 Tag editor, gapless playback, and more.

It also supports multiple file formats such as MP3, WAV, and OGG. It is even compatible with Android auto and WearOS.

Another impressive feature that sets the BlackPlayer Android music player apart from the competition is the absence of ads, which are well-known for interrupting the overall listening experience.

BlackPlayer comes in two versions; the free and the paid version.

The free version is available on Play Store. The paid version comes with extended features.

If you’re looking for the best free android music player, then BlackPlayer has got you covered.

  1. AIMP

aimp music player

AIMP Android music player is known for its calm and simple features.

If you’re not the sophisticated type, then you will certainly love this music player as it gets the job done without hassles.

The feature buttons, such as repeat and shuffle, are easy to navigate as they are quite visible on the playback screen.

AIMP android player also comes with the basic features of any top Android music player such as playback speed control, equalizer, sleep timer, speaker control, and more.

You can access the setting option below in the hamburger menu, which also contains advanced options.

AIMP Android player also has tweak-able features that are certain to enhance the user experience which makes it one of the best android music players out there.

With these features, you can tweak how you want it to serve you.

AIMP Android player displays the necessary details of songs you’re playing by merely tapping on the song.

These details include – the singer, composer, file type genre, year, and other relevant information.

  1. Pi Music player

pi music player

This player holds a distinct reputation for its beautiful designs.

Pi Music Player is stuffed with those features you’ll most likely need in your Android music player.

Upon installation, you will be given a variety of themes to choose from, which you can change later.

It has a beautifully crafted interface with all the options placed strategically for easy accessibility and navigation.

With Pi Music Player, music can be played from different library views such as the artists, genres, playlists, albums, and the likes.

This feature is immensely beneficial if you’re looking to listen to a sequence of similar songs.

Pi Music Player isn’t left out in the aspects of equalizer presets as similar to the BlackPlayer, it also features a 5-band built-in equalizer containing 3D reverb effects, virtualizers, and other captivating effects directed at enhancing your listening experience.

Pi Music Player comes with a unique sharing feature that allows its users to share playlists, genres, tracks, and albums.

This powerful feature places it among the best android music players for this year.

You can also manage your audio files effectively.

Pi Music Player even supports audiobooks and podcasts.

In the aspect of widgets, it comes with a sleep timer, ringtone cutter, and a host of other exciting features.

Pi Music Player can be downloaded for free from Play Store. However, it displays ads. For an ad-free experience, you can opt for the paid version.

  1. n7player Music Player

n7player Music Player

This Android music player is certainly one of the best Android music players out there as it harnesses graphical innovations to give its users a remarkable experience.

The n7player has a customizable interface that allows you to zoom in and out of any music file you desire to play.

Based on its graphical innovations, you can search for music files from various library views.

And similar to other topnotch Android music players, n7player contains captivating features such as bass-boost, gapless playback, sound virtualization effects, customizable themes, and a host of others.

N7player starts you off with a 14-day free trial; you can purchase the full version from Play Store, which comes with extended features.

  1. MediaMonkey


When it comes to exquisite features, MediaMonkey is the Android music player to be relied on.

It comes with a variety of topnotch features aimed at notching up your user-experience.

With MediaMonkey, music files can be accessed via the tracks, albums, genres, podcasts, artists, as well as composers.

You can access the folder view for a trial period of 15 days.

MediaMonkey has a remarkable search algorithm that predicts search results by displaying the artist and tracks.

MediaMonkey has a unique feature of being able to download missing albums plus lyrics. This single feature makes it one of the best android music players out there.

In the aspect of sound effects and virtualizations, MediaMonkey thrives on a 5-band equalizer with stereo balance.

It is also compatible with Android auto and Chromecast/DLNA devices.

You can also bookmark large audio files as well as videos.

There are even widget features such as the sleep timer, tag editor, home screen features, and the likes.

If you’re looking for the best music player for Android with sophisticated features, then MediaMonkey is the way to go.

  1. Musixmatch


If you’re all about the lyrics, then Musixmatch has got you covered with its floating lyrics widget.

This feature displays the lyrics of every track you’re listening to, synced in real-time.

One unique feature that makes this player one of the best music players for Android is that you can view the lyrics even while you’re playing songs with other Android music players.

Lyrics can be viewed even while using Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and the likes.

With Musixmatch, songs can be searched for using the album, artist, genre, and folders, or even a lyrical line.

Musixmatch contains all the essential features any top Android music player should have and more.

It displays ads, but if you wish to have an ad-free experience, you can opt for the paid version. However, the lyric feature of Musixmatch makes it one of the best free android music player of today. 

Final Thoughts

Picking the best music player for Android should be based on preference and device compatibility.

There is nothing wrong with having multiple music apps as long as they serve their purpose.

Based on what we have discussed, you should be able to pick one from the aforementioned music players.

Variety is everything.

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