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Top 5 Apps To Earn Free PSN Codes in 2019 – No Survey No Verification!

how to get free psn codes 2019

The demand for free PSN codes has surged a lot in recent years. People of all ages search “how to get free PSN codes” on the internet but they do not get satisfying results mostly. In this article, we will try to tell you different methods that you can use to earn free PSN codes. If you use our methods to earn free PSN codes then you will not have to pay a single penny from your pocket.

There are basically two methods to receive free PSN codes. You can either buy PSN codes from the official platform or you can get PSN codes from third-party sources. There are two types of codes that you can get from third-party apps and websites. Websites provide services like PSN code generator that generates random PSN codes. While the apps give you gift cards as rewards for completing surveys and tasks. It is also the reason apps are trusted more than websites.

In this article, we will try to list down a few apps that you can use for earning free & working PSN codes. All the information about the apps that we are mentioning in this list have been collected from several sources and we do not promote or support any apps.

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Best Apps To Get Free PSN Codes

  1. Earn Free PSN Codes By Using FeaturePoints

featurepoints for free psn codes

FeaturePoints is our first app that you can use for earning free PSN codes. If you have no idea about the working of FeaturePoints then worry not because we will tell you that. But before you need to know that FeaturePoints is a widely used application for earning free gift codes.

You will have to earn points on the FeaturePoints app first. These points can be earned easily by completing surveys and other tasks. At FeaturePoints, you will earn points only when you complete a task successfully. You won’t earn any point for incomplete tasks.

Once you have earned enough points at FeaturePoints, you can convert those points into cash or gift cards. There is a wide variety of gift cards that you can get on FeaturePoints by redeeming points.

Download Featurepoints

  1. Get Free PSN Codes By Using Appkarma


Appkarma is one of those beautiful apps that believes in providing high-quality services to its users. If you eagerly want to earn some free cash and gift card codes then AppKarma is for you. At this app, you can earn points by watching video ads and by using installed apps on your phone.

Appkarma is a nicely designed application that features an attractive user-interface. You will love this free PSN codes earning app for its vibrant colors. By using the app you can not only earn a single or few PSN codes from the Appkarma app but you get the opportunity to earn several PSN codes. You will just need to give the AppKarma a little more time.

Download Appkarma

  1. Get Free Playstation Codes By Using Make Money App

earn money free cash app

Make Money app is one of the highest-rated app that you can use for earning PSN codes. You can earn money on this app by completing surveys, watching videos, trying new apps. You can easily request your payments in the form of real money through PayPal.

Make Money is one of those apps that does not believe in promoting itself. Rather, it believes in providing user-friendly services. It is also one of the most important reasons of Make Money app’s success.

Download Make Money

  1. Earn Free Playstation Codes By Using AppNana


If you have ever used apps to earn some free cash then AppNana is a name that you must have heard. It is one of the best apps of this list to earn free PSN codes and free cash.

At AppNana, you need to earn Nana points to earn real cash and gift cards. These Nana points can be earned by trying some new apps. In short, you will have to try new apps to earn Nana points. These Nana points later get converted into real cash.

Download Appnana

  1. Earn Free Playstation Codes By Using Cashkarma


Cashkarma is our fifth application that you can use for earning gift cards and real cash by watching videos and completing surveys. It is also one of the highest-rated app to earn free PSN codes. This PSN code earning app features a beautiful yet simple design.

At Cashkarma, you can earn Karma points with ease without investing a lot of your time and it is one of the best things about the app. You can request your payout on the CashKarma app through PayPal or in the form of gift cards.

Download Cashkarma

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