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11 Best Apps That Turn Photos Into Cartoons – Cartoon Picture Apps (2019)

best apps to cartoon yourself

We all spend our free time doing all kinds of things.

If you are a photography lover, you could use such moments to try and discover innovative techniques that can enhance and polish your abilities.

Luckily, the Android platform serves up a vast array of free and paid apps ranging from art-based to gaming; hence, there is never a shortage of the fun apps that you want.

There are now free apps that turn photos into cartoons.

The turn picture into cartoon app functions by enhancing the abilities of your smartphone camera to capture beautiful photos.

However, the number of free apps that can help you create your own art is staggering.

Choosing the best photo cartoon making app to handle your needs can turn out to be quite tricky.

After a long and thorough search, we have selected the following apps to make pictures into cartoons for Android users.

Let’s take a look:

11 Best Apps To Turn Pictures Into Cartoon (Android & iPhone)

  1. Cartoon Photo Filters Coolart

Cartoon Photo Filters

This is CoolArt – one of the coolest apps that turn photos into cartoons that are available for free on the Play Store.

The CoolArt software has been downloaded by over ten million users who love this app.

CoolArt helps you to create cartoon images in seconds.

One of the best things about the CoolArt photo editing software is its user-friendly interface.

All you have to do here is, simply select the photo that you wish to transform into a cartoon image, and with a single tap, this application will change the photo you have chosen into a caricature image.

This turn picture into cartoon app also has the following features:

  • Cartoon camera, various art blending, and sketch filters
  • Users can create magical pictures and share them with friends on social media

Download Cartoon Photo Filters

  1. Cute Face Image Maker

cute face image maker

Introducing Cute Face Image Maker – one of the top apps that turn photos into cartoons in 2019.

Users of this remarkable turn picture into cartoon app can easily transform their photos into caricatures, sketches, pencil drawings, oil paintings and lots more.

Its User-Interface design is clean, simple, and user-friendly.

You can pinch to zoom, alternate between the front and rear cameras, manage the flashlight and a few other image-capturing options.

Quickly adjust picture contrast, brightness, color hue, and sharpness levels, according to your requirements.

Share your cartoon creation with your friends via popular social networks or email.

Download Cute Face Image Maker

  1. Sketch Me! – Sketch & Cartoon

Sketch Me - Sketch & Cartoon

This is yet another impressive turn picture into cartoon app that you could use.

The Cartoon Yourself app will allow you to transform your picture into either a cartoon drawing, comic strip, or a black & white cartoon.

This app’s User-Interface is quite straightforward.

All you have to do here is tap the “Add a Photo” icon and pick your desired JPG/ GIF/PNG file image. Next, select the “Apply Effect” button.

Moreover, you can insert stickers into your photos.

The Cartoon Yourself software has over one million downloads on the Google Play Store.

This turning pictures into cartoons app also has other fun tools like mirror, cropper, and rotate.

Download Sketch Me!

  1. Cartoon Photo Editor

cartoon photo editor

The Cartoon Photo Editor is a staple on any listicle of best apps to make pictures into cartoons in 2019.

Users of this amazing free app can create beautiful artworks by transforming their pictures into fun images.

Use any of the filters available to edit your pictures and convert them into caricature images.

To use this photo cartoon making app, you only have to snap a new picture with your smartphone camera or import images from your photo gallery, and then apply the desired filters.

Create cartoon masterpieces, then save and share them with your friends.

Download Cartoon Photo Editor

  1. Cartoon Photo Filter Effect

cartoon photo filter effect

Introducing yet another highly recommended turn picture into cartoon app for Android devices.

This application is extremely user-friendly thanks to its tidy and insightful User-Interface.

Use the Cartoon Photo Filter Effect software to apply remarkable and contemporary features that are similar to other top apps that turn photos into cartoons out there.

Are you looking a quality turn picture into cartoon app for Android in 2019?

This app is a must-have.

Other noteworthy features of the Cartoon Photo Filter Effect app include:

  • Add effects and filters with a live preview
  • Quickly save cartoon images and capture new photos with one-touch
  • A wide variety of picture effects such as sketch, cartoon, oil painting, crosshatch, pencil, and thermal vision

Download Cartoon Photo Filter Effect

  1. Cartoon Avatar Photo Maker

cartoon avatar photo maker

The popular Cartoon Avatar Photo Maker is another awesome turn picture into cartoon app on this list.

Users of this app will find lots of free custom picture images available for use according to their unique interests.

Once you install this app, you can make cool and attractive cartoon avatars with your smartphone.

There are more than three hundred trendy and charming background skins available.

Yet another exciting feature of this application is the varied hairstyles and cool cartoon hats; you can even add text to your cartoon photos.

Download Cartoon Avatar Maker

  1. Deep Art Effects

deep art effects

The Deep Art Effects software is a turn picture into cartoon app with a trouble-free User-Interface.

Here, you only have to capture a picture and allow it to pass through the app’s transformation process for you to obtain a beautiful picture sketch in return.

This app utilizes artificial intelligence to transform your pictures, so can rest assured that you are getting an accurate drawing conversion.

Perhaps you’re not necessarily searching for in-depth editing but just for some filters – this free cartoon app can handle this as well.

Users will discover numerous filters to select from.

You can also share your creations across all prominent social media platforms directly from the app.

You can even transform your pictures into art forms patterned after the styles of Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Dali, Rembrandt, and many others; hence there is no shortage of filters on this app.

This free app allows users to convert their pictures into High-Definition resolution images while the premium version allows you to obtain cartoon images in Ultra HD resolution.

Download Deep Art Effects

  1. Moments Cartoon

moments cartoon

Use the fantastic Moments Cartoon app to convert your photos into cartoon replicas.

Users of this turn picture into cartoon app can obtain awesome cartoon images of themselves to share with their friends.

This application comes with lots of fun features such as face swap, moment selfie cartoons, as well as a caricature mask masquerade.

Here, you will discover modern picture editing tools that you can quickly use to transform your pictures into HD cartoon images.

Download Moments Cartoon

  1. Cartoon Photo Maker

cartoon photo maker

You can use Cartoon Photo Maker; one of the most useful apps that turn photos into cartoons to apply special artistic effects to pictures.

Users of this software can apply pencil sketches, cartoons, drawings, comics plus other astonishing effects to their photos via their Android device.

Switch between the front and rear cameras of your smartphone when taking snapshots.

On this free app, you will find various impressive effects available for your use.

Download Cartoon Photo Maker

  1. Cartoon Pictures – Cartoon Photo Editor

cartoon pictures

Introducing one of the top free apps to make pictures into cartoons for android devices.

One impressive feature of this application is allowing users to create automated cartoon images with remarkable art filters.

This app is quite user-friendly too.

It allows you to quickly transform your pictures into sketches and cartoon images with a single button tap.

Download Cartoon Pictures

  1. Cartoon Photo

cartoon photo

This is undoubtedly an impressive photo cartoon making app for Android devices.

Users of this app can quickly make cartoon images on their smartphones.

The Cartoon Photo app also allows you to convert your pictures into cartoon images, sketches, pencil drawings, oil paintings, and much more.

Apply effects in real-time and capture photos with your smartphone camera by using this cartoon software.

It comes with an excellent collection of free photo effects to generate entertaining cartoon images.

Download Cartoon Photo

In Conclusion

That’s it for our curated selection of top apps to make pictures into cartoons in 2019 and beyond.

Each one has proven to be worthy of downloading.

Check them out now!

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